Airborne Edit

Unlike the other US doctrines Airborne truly seperates it's self as a unique doctrine. Much like the Commandos of the Commonwealth Airborne make good scouts for your team. Along with numerous Mobility advantages you can effectively stay in and out of combat and pick your enemies accordingly.

Pros Edit

  • Has arguably the Best Hand Held Anti-Tank in game(Recoiless Rifles)
  • Has some of the best Sight range units ingame(m20 recon)
  • Loves to cause chaos on its own.
  • Able to harass and deal consistent damage to anyone left alone.

Cons Edit

  • Some of the most expensive upgrades available.
  • Small army size usually in comparison to other US builds
  • Fairly relies on good awareness to not get caught out.
  • Doesn't like snipers.
Hit and Run

Fireup penalty removed


Airborne units +7.5 m sight m20 +15m sight.


Airborne rifleman/support weapons gain fireup


Reduced drift -15s call in timers for All airborne


LV's/Tanks +30% speed for 30s after deployment.

t17 gains white phosphorus shot*

Hard & Fast

All AB units cap 2x faster.

+6 player pop

Fight Another Day

Fire Up -33% recharge Tanks/Vehicles +35% accel/deccel

Tank Riders

Riflemen and AB Riflemen gain a 30 m aura: vehicles and tanks +50%/+25% accuracy while moving

Light Cavalry

Quad +50% moving accuracy -25% reload +2s burst duration

Barrage Experts

GMC -20% reload, gains smoke barrage. mortar smoke barrage +20m range, 2x rof/shells

Ballistic Caps

RRS +10% penetration. +10% damage vs super heavies


stickies, nades, satchel +10% damage, -1s timer

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