Blitzkrieg Edit

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With all power and fervor the word blitzkrieg brings to men, this doctrine embodies that very idea In design and function. Armed with the Incredible destructive force of the Tiger Tank able Blow apart waves upon waves of allied infantry, All fear the tigers might and Wehrmachts Might.

Pros Edit

  • Armed with the Crushing Tiger tank
  • Works well Alone or in a team
  • Incredibly aggressive
  • Can choke a enemy with constant onfield pressure
  • Has storms.
  • Hard to entirely counter

Cons Edit

  • Tiger and storms can be expensive
  • Can run out of units quickly if not managed properly
Heroes of villers Schwere 101 Fear in the hearts of men Panzer Ace
Tiger gain +35% pen, -15% rec. dmg Tiger gains +5 sight, +33% turret rotationGains Keep it Moving(30s/200s) Tiger gains +15% dmg, +15% acc, -15% rld Tiger gains +25% accel/deccel, +15% speed, +30% speed on roads Tiger Hull/Coax machine gun significantly improved
Mobile Tactics Breakthrough Overwhelm Lightning War
Tanks/Pumas/Offensive HT variants gain KiM

Infantry sprint out of halftrack variants for 10 seconds

Tanks +20% speedLV's+20% accel/deccel Storms Medkits/Assault on recharge(120s/180s)Infantry 60s sprint on deployment All Units -75% call-in timersInfantry +15% moving acc
The 7th Panzer Territory Blitz Joint Ops Around The Maginot
All tanks, Vehicles no movement penalty from cover.

+35% moving accPuma and HT gain 5s Overdrive ability, +5m sight

Infantry cap 2x as fast,

no movement penalty from medkits Pios, Volks, Grens

-15% rec. acc. if moving in enemy territory

KiM/Smoke Cannisters -33% rechargeGrenades/Fausts/Medkits -66%cooldown,+1 use Team +4/3/2/2 pop

All tanks/vehicles

+33% turret rotation

Scouting vehicles +7.5m sight