US Calliope Edit

One of the most feared pieces of artillery in the game comparable to the priest in terms of effectiveness. Another more unique unit for the US. Shooting over 20 rockets in a wide Area with a shorter barrage cool down the calliope can effectively penetrate tanks. Over the course of the game due to it's peppering volley of rockets the calliope is best killed ASAP.

Allied sherman calliope

Pro's Edit

  • Fires over 20 rockets(even more with doctrines)
  • Has a huge Area that it can cover
  • Can "Shotgun" if it gets close enough.
  • Low cool down in comparison
  • Fairly Mobile.
  • Can penetrate tanks easily

Con's Edit

  • Can be easily Rushed(has no main gun)
  • Needs time to deal significant damage
  • Can harass big tanks
  • Low damage rockets( 50 damage)
  • Lower range then most other artillery.