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The Royal Guards Armor Edit

Boasting the most durable tanks and the most Hp Restore in a repair kit this doctrine is ready to stand off against most of the axis tanks. While not the most versatile or Complete doctrine by design The Guards armor is no less of a powerful doctrine. Units such as the Blackprince Can rival the Tiger and the ground breaking AVRE will devastate any defenses the Axis bring.

Pros Edit

  • Good at soaking lots of damage
  • Good at spearheading attacks
  • Can repair 25% more HP lost on tanks
  • Great support for Infantry doctrines with its various uses of smoke

Cons Edit

  • Not very versatile
  • When countered gets countered hard
  • Not good alone Must be supported
  • Expensive Munitions wise
Up-Gunned Thundercloud Up-Armoured Experimental Guns
Churchill croc Unlocks 75mm cannon Avre Gains smoke round on seperate cooldown. increased range for smoke round(not petard round)* Black Prince gains Panther armor. S abot Shot unlocked for all tanks on cooldown.Black prince +0.5 acc vs infantry
Tank Shock Hammer &Anvil Rifled Guns Ablative Plating
Churchills gain tank shock. Blackprince,Croc,cromwell -10% recieved damage Churchill Croc Increased ROF for flame. All Tanks Keep it moving. Firefly,Blackprince,croc,Stuart +10% damage +15% more accuracy while not moving churchill variants +200hp

Cromwell, Firefly +125HP

LVs +75 hp

Overseer Hulldown Fragmentation Rounds Desert Rats

CCt +2.5 sight range+10 range to CCT Aura +15 in Hulldown*

Hulldown unlocked. Hulldown increases range 2.5 Smoke barrage +2 use's Increased splash firefly,cromwell staghound. 0.2 at all ranges Firefly,Blackprince gain *ambush