Common Wealth Royal Infantry Doctrine Edit

The Royal Infantry doctrine for the CW is comprised of a versatile defensive doctrine Made for digging in and helping allies by Holding the line or territory they are in. Once dug in properly the Royal Infantry doctrine becomes one of the Most durable. Backed by a number of weapons such as the Bofors, 17pounder, Priest artillery and Scoped Lee Enfields there is no engagement the Royal infantry won't be prepared for

Pros Edit

  1. Strong durable infantry
  2. Most versatile use of artillery ingame
  3. Infantry excels at distant combat
  4. Good Team Doctrine
  5. Can be played a variety of ways

Bofors 2.5range.Bofors 20% Penetration Bofors increased splash .2

SuperCharged25pdr/Priest+150 m range,-25% scatter, -50%penalty when firing into the FoWPriest gains lockdown Forward obs

Priest Cooldown decreased -60s Victor target/foo -120s

DiscardSabot17 pdr wider arc., increased damage vs heavies. +2.5 range

Priest Penetration doubled

Art specialist2"Mortars +5 range. +15% supression.Mortar pit +15 range, can shoot a flare on 65s cooldown ForwardHQTrenches Provide cooldown buffs/reload buff to garrisoned units.*

-25% call in timers

Fortified PositionsTrenches/Mortar Pits/Bofors-15s build time provide's captainhealingall emplacement-20s takedown time. Improved Gunnery

120s cooldown on recon snipe Bren increased incremental accuracy +2.5% Vickers incremental accuracy +2.5%

Stretcher BearerCCS acts as a Triage Officers gain medkits, and +10 HP/man (applies to all squad members High Velocity

Riflegrenade +20% projectile speed, -33% scatter Riflegrenade +25%dmg/Aoe

Improved CondensersPiat20%faster travel time.Sappers/Tommies +10%accuracy in heavy cover Prepared Positions

Support weapons gain elite armor, Team Pop increase 4/3/2/2

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