Luftwaffe Edit

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Ground upon the same Hit and Run tactics as the Commandos Luftwaffe's direct buffs come from it's mobility, able to switch sides rapidly and exploit the weak sides of the map. Armed with many Gadgets that the Panzer elite are know for these are the ideal Glass cannons of infantry.

Pros Edit

  • Probably one of the most mobile doctrines.
  • Can harass nonstop and rack up a high KDR
  • Fairly cheap powerful Luftwaffe
  • Has alot of options

Cons Edit

  • Can be countered somewhat
  • Doesn't like Snipers
  • Can be expensive Munitions wise
  • AT is generally frail.
Fallshirmjäger Operations Fortress Europe Heroes of Monte Cassino Crete Veterans
Medkits -50% slow duration, -50% cooldown

Falls -50% sprint cooldown

Falls Pak 36 gains sprint ability, treadbreak -50% cooldownLuft expanded build Que, may cloak in L/H cover Wirbelwind +25% speed, gains mobile lockdownfg42 gives covering fire, +5 hp -15s drop times, Falls reduced covering/supp fire penalties Wirbel lockdown gains debuff aura
Mobile Mechanics Highway 69 Mobile Supression Kampfgruppe South
All vehicles can purchase broken down repair kits

All vehicles can move while repairing 75%


+75% moving acc TB's acc penalty from sprint removed

Supression/covering fire -50% cooldown, Scout car mobile lockdown

FG42/LMG34/G43 +33% damage to suppressed targets

Player +6 pop

+160 Player munitions

Scout Training

Slow Going

Quick Response

Mechanized Advance

Ketten/scwimm can cloak*

IHT/Hotchkai/AC's +2.5m sight/+7.5m detection Scout Cars/Vampire +15m sight/detection in lockdown

Vampire HT conveys map-wide aura: All enemy units cap 25% slower, gain map wide flare ability(does not stack) Hotch/IHT/Scout cars/AC + 20% speed

50mm/Marder/LATHT +20% accel/decel, Marder Lockdown Toggle -75% cooldown

All vehicles -15% received accuracy while moving.

All vehicles (barring IHT) reduced damage from small arms Units in IHTs -25% cooldown