Oberkomando Edit

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The Infantry Doctrine for Wehrmacht. Lacking the versatility of the Allied doctrines but no less Fearsome.Oberkomando Excels in holding the line and crawling up the field With it's defensive officer astride it's Godlike 4Man Oaks leaf no infantry can endure the axis units 1v1.

Pros Edit

  • Oaks Leaf are the toughest infantry in the game
  • Defensive officer Boost the effectiveness of infantry
  • Flak88
  • Almost impossible to remove when dug in
  • Great 1v1 powers of the axis

Cons Edit

  • Not Very versatile
  • Oaks are expensive
  • No mobility
  • Can get hard countered.
Preregistered Artillery Booming Voice Oberkommando West Hammer of the Wehrmacht
le I.G.18 +30 m range. Fire HEAT shells, gains smoke barrage

Flak 88 gains artillery barrage

Officer Aura +10m range, -25% recharge 4-leaf KCH gain zeal Aura Units -25% call in timers Support weapons+5m sight/detection For the Fatherland now effects units in any territory Units with mp44 have steady aim ability
Unbreakable Cover & Evasion Assault Training Advanced Crew Training
Bunkers +25% HPProvide aura,-20% rec.damage to inf(20m) Pios, Volks, Grens, Oakleaves, Officer, le I.G.18, cloak in H cover*.

Pak40/Pak 38 gain cloak/mobile cloak.

Pios/Volks+1 manPioneers and Volks -10% rec.acc.

while moving

Support weapon crews gain heroic armour gun hp +25%Flak88 Reload modifiers set to 1
Ammunition Stockpile Veterans of the long war Hitlers Buzzsaw Ostfront Vets
Volk and Gren nades, Bundled nade, Gnade Assault +1 useBunkers provide -20% cooldown aura(20m) Grenadiers Gain Elite Armor lmg.42 burst RoF set to 20 rounds/second.

H.M.G.42 incrimental accuracy set to 1.2, full acc vs smoke

Volks, Pios, M.G.42, -10% rec. accuracy in L/H/G/T cover.

Pios/volks/support weapons +5/+5/+10 hp per man