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Panzerwaffe Edit

What would Panzer Elite be without a doctrine dedicated purely to tanks and Light vehicles.Yes this doctrine boast quite the array of buffs for tanks From increasing the survivability of the stalwart Jagdpanther To making your repairs Quicker Panzerwaffe loves tanks.

Pros Edit

  • Has access to jagdpanther one of the scariest tanks in the game.
  • Incredibly survivable LVS and tanks
  • Lots of buffs for killing off other tanks
  • Can be expensive if you deck out the jagdpanther
  • Good Teamplay

Cons Edit

  • Not very versatile
  • Can be countered and need good coms
  • Must find a good balance of tanks and infantry
  • Hate's airborne.
Spare Parts Advanced Repairs Terror of the Eastern Front Ambush!
Bergtiger starts with 200 free munitions, -50% recharge on repair ability Bergtiger repairs 50% faster, -2 pop

Rudimentary Repairs 25% faster

Jagdpanther +20% acc, +.2 short/med AoE Jagdpanther gains Hezter Ambush

Hetzer +12*/s rotation

Afrika Korps Vets Pz.Gr.40 Zimmerit Infrarot
All tanks/vehicles +20% turret rotation

Marder/IST moves @ 40% speed in lockdown.

TD's/Panther/AT HT's/Upgun Hotch now fire APCR ammunition:

(+35% pen., +.5 deflection Modifier)

Tank destroyers (Marder, Hetzer) and tanks (incl. Hotchkisses) -15% received damage and pen., All vehicles/Tanks +15% acc

TD's/at halftracks/upgun hotch reduced scatter*

Command Elements Plating Light Support Scavenging Experts
Munitions Halftrack aura now also effects all tanks and vehicles All LVs (incl. 50 mm HT) -20% rec. damage.(iht excluded) Treadbreak/Focus fire -33% recharge, Treadbreak +50% duration

Shrecks -75% aim times, +20% acc

Pgrens/Ketten scavenge 2x as fast,

Can place mines with in game Muntions