The Royal Commandos Edit

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The commandos Promise a exciting play style for aggressive players, and a unique experience. Based around the Idea of a "Hit and Run" strategy the commandos do exactly that. With their increase smoke duration and faster Light vehicles and versatile elite infantry. No one is safe from the Red devils

Pros Edit

  • Able to Hit hard and get out with little losses.
  • Good for scouting the battlefield
  • Great at finding weak units and finishing them
  • Only Common Wealth Sniper

Cons Edit

  • Can Be countered if not played well
  • Requires alot of patience
  • Very unique playstyle
  • Expensive Commandos
Officer Conditioning The Bridge At Arnhem The Para's Operation Market Garden
C. Officer default aura now grants:

Acc. 1.2, Cooldown 0.8, .

Demo charge AOE +1 useGrenades +1 use.

Cannister shot +1 use

Commandos gain sabotage

Commandos +15% acc., -20% cooldown. in enemy territory Commando's +5hp Commando Gliders +100 HP, -75% call-in timer., gain sprint aura

Commando Smoke -180s recharge.

Mobile Operations Raid Operations Ambush Operations Speed Trials
Commando LT gains flares Commando LT heroic charge reduced cooldown-60s Infantry:Sprint for 7.5 s after exiting a Bren Carrier.Bren Carrier, C. Jeep + .5 speed in neutral and enemy territory Purchasable recharge repair kits on Bren gun carriers(not MMG)

Commando Smoke +2s duration

The Cromwell, CCT, Firefly, Staghound, Stuart, (all types), 35%accel/decel

Firefly +20% speed

Recon Forces Motorized Infantry Assault Formations Eyes & Ears
sight all infantry +10 sight, Commandos +5 sight ( no support weapons) All Infantry and Officers +15% accuracy when garrisoned inside Bren Carriers Bren Carriers gain modified Overdrive (5 s/60 s BREN LMGs:Grant modified Steady Aim:unit walks, +50% moving accuracy, can now fire Brens on the move CCT,C.Jeep,brencarrier +10m detectionRadio Triangulation +2uses