Schwere Panzer Division Edit

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The Tank doctrine. Is pure German steel at your hands. Utilizing some of the unique tanks such as the jagdpanzer4 and the P4CT and harnessing the power of the Ferocious King Tiger tank this doctrine is without fear and without comparison.

Pros Edit

  • The heaviest Tank in game King Tiger
  • P4CT Panther with p4 turret
  • Tanks are unmatched killing power
  • Can breakthrough or teamplay

Cons Edit

  • Can be countered somewhat
  • Can be expensive
  • Doesn't like Commandos or Airborne
Intimidation German Superiority King of Tanks Death on Treads
King Tiger gains Tank Shock.

PIV CT now effects infantry on activation 20s/120s

KT provides 40m aura*PIVCT aura +15m All Auras From KT gain +20 range, -33% cooldown,

Krieg +10% debuff, Inspiration

additional -10% rec. dmg/acc.

Panzer aces tiger commander toggle for KT:+20% acc, +10m sight

or+33% turret rotation-15% reload

Hull Defilade Fire and Advance German Engineering HEAT
All Tanks** -20% rec. acc in vehicle cover. PIV/STuG/JP +6m sight/detection when not moving All Tanks +10% accel, +15% acc stationary, +10% moving acc All tanks -10% rec. penAll tanks gain aura Suppressed infantry walk, not crawl Tanks/ upgun puma now fire HEAT ammunition:,+15% pen +15% dmg, +.2 s/m/l aoe

Force Recon

Reloading Techniques

Snap Shots

sturmgeschutz abteilung

Tanks +10m detection P4 -1 pop, Gains 40m aura

Ostwind -1.5 s reload.

Sniper no unit sniped notification

Tanks+25% turret rotation

Ostwind +1 burst duration

Stug gains heal aura.Panzershreck:+20% accuracy vs.

tanks+50% damage vs. emplacements