Infantry Edit

Following the versatile American's Infantry doctrine does just that. From adding new units such as Marines To giving Riflemen a brand new Assault Garand, The US Infantry gets the job done no matter the cost. Although considerably Weaker then other Infantry Riflemen boast the most amount of upgrades of any infantry in the mod.

Pros Edit

  • Versatile, Good in offense and defense able to Push assaults
  • has multiple Upgrades for mutiple units allowing to take on many situations
  • Rangers can become some of the strongest Elite infantry in the game
  • Great endurance for long games

Cons Edit

  • Generally Weak infantry prepare for death
  • Not as specialized as other doctrines
  • Has trouble with Tanks
Gung HoRangers grant 7.5m debuff aura against enemy infantry 90-Day WondersCommand Squad aura/smoke-40% recharge.Officer Aura gains additional buff Artillery Plotting MapsM2 105 mm Howitzer -30%scatter M2 105mmHowitzer -33% reload+2 shells Movement enabled Of their own AccordRangers, per man +5hp Bars +7.5HP Thompsons +15HP Full Package
American IndustryBARs+1 Thompsons/Greasguns +2 on upgradeOfficer squad gains BAR and m1917 enfields Lead The WayFire-up/Suppression fire -25% cooldownExhaustion duration-50% Medical Training Triage increased Heal radius +50%.+200 hp.Smoke nades +1 use+200 mp Fightin Spirit

Field dressing +1 Speed., -50% recharge,. +1 use Riflemen -5% recieved accuracy per loss( stacks to 15%)

Supress and Maneuver Grenades +2.5m range,+25%dmg to suppressed/pinned targetsHMG's/LMG's+33% suppression Allied GritRiflemen/Officer +10 hp per man

Engineers +1 man

Locked & LoadedAp rounds on globalpool, duration doubled.Mortar,HMG,ATG+1 man Decreased packup time Tank ReapersATG +25% pen+15% acc+10% damage. Zooks +20% acc