Waffen Grenadiers Edit

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The Infantry focused doctrine of the Panzer Elite. Although lacking the abundance of infantry like the United States this doctrine capitalizes on the axis 1v1 superiority. Armed to the hilt with Fire, area denial, and gold old fashion Panzer Grens there is hardly a dull moment with Waffen Grenadiers.

Pros Edit

  • Fairly versatile.
  • Makes great use of pure Infantry
  • Munition Halftracks act as pseudo officers
  • Good teamplay doctrine
  • Good endurance for long games
  • Fairly Cheap

Cons Edit

  • Has some trouble with Tank doctrines
  • Hates open maps
  • Not very good alone
  • Can be countered easily if not careful
Welcome to the ostfront Assault Prep Area Denial Let em' Burn
Supp fire acc penalty reduced by .2

Propaganda tower additional 5% debuff

Hummel + 35% rof*, gains smoke barrage

Propaganda tower +20m range

Healcar gains MG

Paner pios/pgrens can build roadblock, -33% contruction times, +1 tower use

Hummel Gains FES barrage ability: +50 m range, AoE area doubled, -75% impact damage, -25% reload. Same cooldown as regular barrage
Stalingrad Vets Chemical Fire Fountain of Pgrens Point Support
Inf in garrison +20% acc

nades can be used from garrison

Flame nades +50% DoT, +20% impact damage

MHT Incendiary ability fires 2x incendiary mortar shells

Heal car gains med bunker squad spawning MHT/IST incindiary shell +10/+5 range

Hotch Stuka gain smoke barrage/direct fire barrage

Assault Training Storm tactics Extreme Conditioning Survivalist
incindiary nades/assault +1 use

mp44's full accuraccy vs cover*

g43 +20% long acc, -.5 range cooldown modifiers

Muni HT +20m aura range

Muni ht aura gains instant grenade recharge

Pgrens -1 pop

Reduced death chance on IHT destruction

While the Squad Leader of each squad is alive, the squad heals at a rate of 0.1 HP/s